Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nick's Snowshoe Trip - January 21, 2012

Nick joined the Outdoors Club at the Junior High. The club went on a snowshoeing trip overnight up to the mountains. They were hit with a blizzard and it made it more difficult. But he stuck it out just like a good Boy Scout. We were happy to have him home though!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nick's Cross Country

Nick has joined the cross country team at the Sweet Home High School. Go Huskies! He was torn between doing this or playing soccer. He has been very glad he has chosen cross country. He seems to really enjoy it. His couches; Snow and Keebler, are really nice and very supportive. They are also really good about keeping the kids in line. These kids all seem to be good kids. But most importantly Nick has found a "place" as a freshman. He is an athlete, he has a team of friends added to his life, he has something to help him stay focused. I do worry that he has too much on his plate and know he still needs enough time for school, family, church, scouts, band, organ, farm work, etc. but that is my job as his mom to worry. So far Nick is doing really well and handing everything. 

Today we went to cheer him on at his meet in Philomath. He did really good! He PR-ed at 23:13. Yeah! Go Nick!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More beautiful mornings...

Bowling with my daughter!

I had the privileged of going with Tatiana on a school bowling trip she earned with her good grades and behavior. She is such a wonderful, sweet, smart, caring, and amazing daughter! We are so blessed by her!

Sweet and helpful boys

Ben and Andrew love to help outside! I can always count on them to keep me company and help me. 
We have such GREAT kids! 
And adorable too!

Nick Snow Shoeing

While Nick was attending Sweet Home Junior High he joined the "Outdoor Club". One of their outings was a snowshoeing trip on January 21st. He had a great time and dad was able to go with too!

Mom's Coast Retreat

I was invited to go the coast with some friends for a much appreciated "mommy retreat". My friend, Jennifer Madsen, invited us all to go stay at their Lincoln City home and it is beautiful! 

We had fun playing games and doing crafts.
 Back row: Dianne Nelson, me, Dawn Davis, Tressa Isaksen (and baby bump), Jennifer Madsen, 
Kim Brown, Andrea Simpson
Front Row: Debi Burton, Rachel Nye, Christine Tidwell
 We almost didn't go because there was a lot of flooding at the coast that weekend. Jennifer's house was surrounded by water, and the vans barely made it. The house didn't have any flooding, but it did have water damage! While we were there the ceiling developed a big bubble, Dawn proceeded to pop it and water and plaster flew everywhere!
 Andrew, Dawn, Rachel and I were the only ones that wanted to go see the beach the next day. So we went and had some fun before heading to the outlet mall for shopping with the rest of the girls.

 Some yummy Mexican for lunch before heading home on Saturday. What a fun mini-trip!