Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nick's Cross Country

Nick has joined the cross country team at the Sweet Home High School. Go Huskies! He was torn between doing this or playing soccer. He has been very glad he has chosen cross country. He seems to really enjoy it. His couches; Snow and Keebler, are really nice and very supportive. They are also really good about keeping the kids in line. These kids all seem to be good kids. But most importantly Nick has found a "place" as a freshman. He is an athlete, he has a team of friends added to his life, he has something to help him stay focused. I do worry that he has too much on his plate and know he still needs enough time for school, family, church, scouts, band, organ, farm work, etc. but that is my job as his mom to worry. So far Nick is doing really well and handing everything. 

Today we went to cheer him on at his meet in Philomath. He did really good! He PR-ed at 23:13. Yeah! Go Nick!!!

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