Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Home, A New Blog

We moved! We found a beautiful place in the country which is closer to Nathan's work and we love it! This was all very fast and pretty crazy. We were not sure if it would happen, but we were able to get all moved in in time for CHRISTMAS!

Nathan's parents came to help with the move and they worked really hard! Between their help, a few friends' generosity and assistance, the children's cooperation and help, and every one's patience we had a rather enjoyable experience! I know, moving at Christmas time sounds crazy! Well, it was. But we made it fun and memorable. I am so impressed with everyone!

Now we are settling into a new home and I have to say, I am very content. This is more that what I expected I would get when I would dream of "my place in the country someday"! A big huge THANK YOU to my amazing husband for making this all possible! I will tell you all about how this whole thing came to be later.

For now, I am going to enjoy and savor my sweet life that is oh so comfortable!

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