Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our farewell...

Well, I feel funny calling it a farewell because we were not saying any final good bye's, just a lot of "see you soon!" But I have to post about this because it meant so much to us and it was a lot of fun. Plus I think it is a good way to start our new blog about living in our new home.

Our friends, the Bergs, offered to throw us an open house so we could see everyone before we left. I never did count how many people came, but it was a lot. We pretty well filled their home. They were very gracious and kind to take time out of their very busy holiday schedule to do this for us. It was a great night and good times were had by all. See you later Albany!

The kids were pretty crazy. No one got hurt and nothing got broken, that's always a good thing!

Andrew was pretty overwhelmed so he spent some time in daddy's arms. You see him in this photo. Tatiana and her little girl friends were upstairs the whole night so I actually do not have a picture of her at the party. How terrible.

My mother-in-law had the idea to take a picture of the pile of shoes by the front door. This was only some of them.

During the party we were visited by carolers! How nice! They were led by Micheal Potter, a friend and our bishop.

It was a memorable and wonderful evening. We have so many amazing friends in Albany and it was really hard to leave them. Luckily we are not too far away.

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