Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy New Year with the Tolmans!

We had our first "official party" on New Year's Eve in our new home. It was a lot of fun! We had several families come out for the fun. And when I say come out, I mean it! These were all Albany friends that each drove 45 minutes just to come visit us! We feel so loved! Thank you to the Montgomery's, Clark's, Anderson's, Trish, and Angie! We love you all! Others were invited but couldn't come, we love them too!

Here the ladies played a game around the kitchen table...later the guys joined in too.

Eating dinner all spread out, some at the table, some in the kitchen, some on the steps to our living room... make yourself at home!

Good Friends!

The teens hung out around the food for a while.

The men kicked back and watched football.

The "big boys" hung out in Nick's room for a while. I went to look for them upstairs and they were all playing video games on their ped's (personal electronic devices). Huh? Whatever happened to "talking" when you "hung out"? LOL!

And then, of course, by the end of the night Ben and several of the other kids were throwing paper airplanes over the banister from the loft and bridge upstairs. But who taught them this little trick? Our dear friend, Max. LOL! This is not surprising...and they would have figured it out sooner or later. I am actually surprised they have lived here for almost two weeks and haven't yet!!!!

It is a tradition for us to do a "family friendly" New Year's Eve party every year. Part of the tradition is that we ring in the new year along with New York City, when the ball actually drops. This is only 9:00PM our time, but then the young children get the full fun of New Years, and still get to bed at a decent hour. Plus all of our friends are able to drive home safely before all the "heavy party-ers" hit the road after midnight.

WELCOME 2012! We are so excited to see what you will bring!

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