Sunday, April 15, 2012

This and That from Connie's camera...

Here are a few moments captured on Connie's camera when her and Perry were visiting and helping us move and set up the new place over the holidays. They were such a huge help, as they always are.

Remember the awesome chicken coop and pen that Nathan designed and built? Well, we were not about to leave it behind so we moved it! Knowing that we would be moving someday, Nathan designed it to easily come apart for that purpose (such a thinker!). The roof came off in three sections and then the pen came off of the coop. We locked the chickens in the coop for the move over...they were NOT happy with us! The poor girls didn't lay us many eggs for several weeks! But all is forgiven now and we are getting plenty! Good girls!

Here they are moving...with great effort... the coop onto the "foundation". Yep, those chickens are in there wondering what the heck is going on! LOL!

Then Nathan takes off the chicken wire he had temporarily put on top so that we could attach the roof. The funniest part of this was not caught on camera...what do you think you would do if you were one of those hens and all of the sudden you could fly out? Yep, feathers went flying and lets just say, they were not the easiest things to catch after that. LOL! It was too funny.

Whew! That was hard work! Thank you Perry!

Nick adding water the our automatic watering system...

All settled. I think they are going to like it out here!

And I will add a few more pictures from Connie's camera. I just cannot resist!

Andrew helping make lunch...he is soooo cute!!!!

Andrew and Grandpa walking down to get our mail...I think this turned into a favorite daily activity!

Ben playing a game and getting excited when he notices that his sweet sister is making a sweet treat! Yumm! We love having a little baker in the house!

Andrew was collecting pine cones and just couldn't carry them all back to the house, so Grandpa helped!

Good times! Thank you Connie for capturing these memories for us!

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